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Screening in Madrid

TWOD just visited Madrid. Participating in "The International Congress of Sport, Doping & Society" by screening the film for the Spanish Sports Council and students at the University of Sports in collaboration with the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency.

Link to article in Spanish, El Confidential Link to the symposium website Link to Spanish Blogger Ignacio Romo, Diario AS, about the film Image: Panel discussion after the screening of the film. From left: Bjorn Bertoft TWOD, Pablo Villalobos – Marathon runner, Ignacio Romo – Journalist/Blogger Diario AS, Madrid, Victoria Ley – Spanish Agency for the protection of Health in Sport, Rodrigo Pardo Garcia – Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Technical University of Madrid. Photo: Felipe Sevillano, Diario AS. The film screening was accompanied by a roundtable discussion in which the marathon runner Pablo Villalobos participated along with the head of the R & D and Education of the Spanish Agency for Health Protection in Sport (AEPSAD), Victoria Law. Pablo Villalobos acknowledged that there has been great progress made in the pursuit of cheatiers in sport. "It is now a global consciousness in this fight, people with different opinions, we are in debate. Whenever it will be more difficult for those who want to do business with doping and take advantage always going to have the sword of Damocles over them. It is not the same thing winning a medal knowing you did not actually win... you will always be wondering when you will be catched." "When I receive a notice of an athlete banned for EPO it is bad news. I want to see who it is and sometimes it is people I know. I then feel pretty bad about it,and want to know why they have taken this step, even if I know deep down that it is because of high ambitions. It always end up with a feeling of disappointment to those people and to sport in general." Villalobos said. - - -

​After the film screening the producer Bjorn Bertoft participated in an award ceremony at the Spanish Ministry of Sports, handing out an award to winners in the student short film competition with the theme "Live without cheating".

Award winners and the ceremony group. Photo: Felipe Sevillano, Diario AS.

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