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Screening at AIAC in Kuala Lumpur

Invited by the Asian International Arbitration Centre to be one of their conference events was a great opportunity to screen the film once again. The AIAC arranged, in September, a series of comprehensive events with distinguished speakers and lecturers and we were welcomed by Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo and his professional team this afternoon to tell the story about the film and to screen the full length version.

Malaysia and the AIAC take the issues of clean sports seriously and arranges conferences the whole month of September...

There is no doubt, doping is a global matter what corner of the world you are in or what culture or sport you look into.

Professor Sundra Rajoo, Director of the AIAC welcomed the delegates and gave the event a distinguished start. Following his presentation we showed a video greeting from Professor Ljungqvist to the participants, recorded the same morning as the flight left for Kuala Lumpur...

As we have experienced since the first day we started filming – everybody has an opinion about doping and it is always a subject of intense interest, no matter where, how or when it is brought up. Here, Professor Sundra Rajoo sharing his views from an arbitration perspective.

Some 80 participants from the AIAC center and from universities in Kuala Lumpur attended and were curious to know more about the story, about doping and about the "new" dilemmas surrounding doping outside of sports...image enhancing drugs and the increase of supplements...

Special thanks to Professor Sundra Rajoo and Michelle Sunita for the invitation and all the generous arrangements. ​Link to AIAC website

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