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Using performance enhancing drugs with an ambition to win fame and money on behalf of others seems like something great role models should stay away from. But we all know pretty much what the reality looks like.


After meeting the man who has devoted his life for athletes health and clean sports we felt that the "point of no return" was right there and then. A film about all these stories simply had to be produced. So, we dived into the issue and asked question to both sides – the anti-doping and the pro-doping people. Three years and loads of experiences later the film was edited and screened on five continents. Nowadays we are devoted to use these new insights and findings for educational purposes.


Here are this projects major milestones:



2015 – Online education

Doping in sports is still there and still being hunted for good reasons. A more unfortunate development is the spread amongst youth outside of sports. These young guys have no coaches, no doctors or advisors to talk to... other than the ones selling the stuff on Internet. The fact is, doping is already considered a serious public health issue. So, the fact that our film creates intense discussions every time it has been screened tells us that it still has a job to do. With that in mind we initiated an e-learning project and are nowadays in the process of developing an online education for youth.



2014 – Sthlm, Paris, LA, Madrid...

The format "film+panel discussion" was greatly appreciated and we were invited to screen the film at several seminars and symposiums. Each and every time the panel discussion afterwards resulted in a prolonged session. No matter the age or status, no matter inside or outside the world of sports, people have a lot of questions, concerns and opinions on the subject. There is obviously a demand for balanced information on the doping dilemma out there.



2012 – Winning in Beijing

Our film was awarded winner in the documentary category by FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs), at the World Sports Film Festival in Beijing. Very honored, we went there to receive the prestigious recognition and award. We also screened the film and participated in a panel discussion.



2012 – First Paris, then London...

Along the line our job was picked up by UNESCO and they offered us to arrange an "Avant Premiere" at their head quarters in Paris. Around 150 guests and media came to see the film and to listen to the panel discussion afterwards. Then we were invited to screen the film in connection with the opening of the London 2012 Summer Olympics. During the same year the film was broadcasted in some 20 countries on five continents as a result of our distributer's efforts.



2011 – Signing a distributor

Making a documentary is an inspiring challenge. Another one is to have it distributed around the world. We went to Cannes with new haircuts and met with TV-brokers and distributers. The interest was massive, but being a small and independent project is still a David against Goliath experience. Third time in Cannes we signed with a devoted British distributer: Mercury Media.



2009 – Starting the filming

After reading the book one question was obvious: Who is making the film about your tremendous life, story and efforts? Professor Ljunqvist humbly answered that he in fact had turned down some offers from various TV-teams. We managed to talk him into the idea and we started following him around the planet and around the world of sports.



2008 – Meeting the professor

In December we met with Professor Ljungqvist at a reception in Stockholm City Hall. He was there in the role of the host for a meeting with the International Olympic Committee's Medical Commission. Delegates met in Stockholm to follow up experiences after the successful Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. Professor Ljungqvist handed over his newly published book as a gift.




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