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The film is produced in English by independent production company Matiné Film & Television, Sweden. It is produced for global distribution and it was premiered and launched in june 2012, prior to the London 2012 Summer Olympics. A second version for broadcasting after the London 2012 Olympics is available for distribution.



– Filmed in HD:
– 52 and/or 58 minutes (prepared for 45-60 minutes)
– Lengths can be adjusted for local premises as well as translation/dubbing



– English original version

– Swedish original version (subtitling)

– Finnish subtitling (52 min)

– English in French subtitling

– English in Spanish subtitling

– English in Chinese subtitling


Production and sales:

Produced by: Matiné Film & Television based on an initiative by Bjorn Bertoft

Sales: Matiné Film & Television
Director: Mats Omne
Producer: Bjorn Bertoft
Photo: Torbjorn Allard/Leif Eiransson
Production year: 2009–2012



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