Don't say we didn't try to make an impact...

Last day in Cannes. Being small and making impact inbetween the world's largest film- and TV distributors and broadcasters is not the easiest thing. Jesse and Ludo walked the streets outside the Palais, helped us raise the awareness. We tried other stuff as well, and if anyone missed us, we offer you a chance to experience it once again below:

Yes, the film presented in prominent company – Bolt, Bolt, TWOD.

On the front screening page in the screening room... what a great start for a screening session

We like the fact that people walked around with us hanging there for days.

People outside the Palais De Festival helped us to spread the buzz with their cameras...

The QR-Code scanned you right into the trailer on your mobile phone.

André, the dancer from Fashion TV also made a great job walking around the crowds...

And yes, the pills. Nice mints, nothing else. The message came across nicely and people did start to express their opinion about doping. Everybody has one...

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