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TWOD publicity in MipTV News

MipTV News picked up the story...and honored our awareness-guys with an image. The article's text: MercuryMedia signs up doping doc in time for 2012 Olympics. Sweden's Matiné Film & Television this week sold The War On Doping (1x52 and 1x58) to Finnish broadcaster MTV3, as well as signing a distribution deal with MercuryMedia. "Doping in sport is a hot topic both internationally and in Finland, " Kaisa Herlevi acquisition executive at MTV Oy said. "Thi is a must-see documentary for anyone interested in sports, society, business and the human mind". The documentary explores the arguments for and against doping controls, interviews with international doping expert Prof. Arne Ljungqvist as he tracks sports cheats, and examines original Stasi police files from the cold war in which doctors listed the illegal drugs given to athletes and their effects. These documents were key pieces of evidence in the prosecution of leading politicians and medics whose "experiments" often ended in cancer, heart disease and deformed children. But while the 2012 Olympics offers a good hook for the film, it's not just athleteswho risk their lives by taking unregulated chemical shortcuts. "We are making the film so that it has a long shelf life after the 2012 Olympics" director Mats Omne said. "It will continue to be relevant in the months and years to come." "UNESCO has been very supportive", producer Bjorn Bertoft said. "They will premiere the film in Paris in June this year and this has triggered interest in the documentary from members in Belgium, Brazil and Mexico and beyond.

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