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WADA Biological Passport and 10 Year, Stockholm

​The World Anti Doping Agency was initiated, in fact under the supervision of Professor Ljungqvist, as a result of an identified need for governmental support to strengthen the national sports federations. These could not single handed implement the required doping test regulations or other necessary activities in their country without the governmental and legal support.

On the 1-2 December WADA met i Stockholm for the yearly Excecutive- and Foundation Board Meeting. The major issue on this meeting was the Excecutive Board's introduction and approval of the "Biological Passport", making it possible to follow a biological fingerprint of an athlete's blood values over time.

The team covered the meeting, the press conference and made several interviews with insiders from the anti-doping field from around the world.

This was also the 10 year celebration of WADA, a fairly young global organization. The Foundation board meeting and press conference was held in the Stockholm City Hall – house of the Nobel event.

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